Jessica Fairchild Featured Guest on The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast

November 29, 2023

Croke Fairchild Duarte & Beres Partner Jessica Fairchild appeared as the featured guest on a recent episode of The Lawyer’s Edge Podcast.

Many lawyers do not have an entrepreneurial background and may struggle to grow their firms effectively. In this episode, Jessica discusses how to build a durable and impactful law firm. She shares her experience of going from BigLaw to founding a midsize firm, the common mistakes founders make when scaling their firms, and how leaders can include their entire team in building firm culture.

In the Lawyer’s Edge Podcast, host Elise Holtzman sits down with successful attorneys, legal marketing specialists, business leaders, and authors to talk about how lawyers can get what they really want from their careers, and how law firms can grow and sustain healthy, profitable business.

Listen to the full episode here.