Role Models With a ‘Pristine Moral Compass’: What Executives Expect of Their GCs

As environmental, social and governance standards become more important to consumers and investors, a panel of executives said Friday that they expect their general counsel to live out those values.

By Dan Clark | January 22, 2021

Outside of additional legal requirements spurred on by COVID-19, a group of current and former executives emphasized, general counsel are increasingly expected to be a living example of companies’ values.

During a webinar hosted by SMB Interim Management, Yate Advisors and ALM Intelligence on Friday, participants noted that consumers and investors have demanded that more be done around environmental, social and governance standards over the past two years. Rick Rover, chief operating officer of Berlin Packaging in Chicago, expects that to pick up in the next year. However, the general counsel should work ahead of those regulations to become a better corporate citizen.

“As a private company we feel like the regulations might hit us later, but we think there is long-term value in acting like a public company and paying attention to those very closely as they change,” Rover said.

Jessica Fairchild, a founding partner of Croke Fairchild Duarte & Beres in Chicago, who moderated the panel, said in her experience, the general counsel role has evolved to serve as the face of the organization and must be able to communicate well with internal and external stakeholders.

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