Change is constant. Croke Fairchild has helped clients respond to change, whether spurred by new ownership, liquidity events or a shifting financial market.

Our attorneys have helped many types of clients navigate market shifts and credit cycles, some severe. We have guided clients through structuring and restructuring businesses, financing and refinancing their businesses and investments, and know how to work quickly with co-owners, new investors, managers, suppliers and lenders to put the client in the best position to address both immediate and longer-term challenges. Just as each client and industry is different, each “market crisis” is different, offering a chance to reassess and, perhaps, make important changes in your business strategy. Sometimes a philosophy of “wait and see” is simply not an option. Examples from our experience:

  • Liquidity is of paramount importance in a fast-moving world of financial uncertainty. We can advise on covenant compliance, financial reporting and draw conditions. We can also help you decide when and how to address a potential refinancing issue with your lenders or a particular borrower.
  • “To close or not to close.” We can help you assess whether you are required, or want, to close a transaction – whether you are buying, selling, investing or financing
  • What and how are my competitors doing? We can help you with industry expertise and perspective as you assess whether to make opportunistic acquisitions
  • Each of your business constituencies is stressed, and your traditional inside and outside advisors may be too close, or too invested, in the status quo to think clearly. Your staff may be working flat out; and you can’t do everything yourself. Perhaps no one has time to restructure that troublesome asset or renegotiate the covenants in that working capital facility, but it nonetheless has to be done. We can act as a strategic advisor and take a step back to think creatively and “outside the box” to help develop a pragmatic solution. We can also be a catalyst for action, take a complex problem off your desk, or fill a staffing gap on your team.

Sometimes the best way forward is a solution where no one is completely happy, but everyone is satisfied and, after a business crisis, everyone is eager to get back to work. If there needs to be a “new normal” for your business, let us help you visualize it and then make it happen.