From advising on one-off legal issues to providing a full suite of ongoing legal services, Croke Fairchild Duarte & Beres attorneys have significant experience assisting clients with long-term, temporary, or on-demand legal services across a variety of industries.


It can be expensive and impractical for small to midsize companies to maintain in-house counsel. And even large companies with attorneys on staff may at times find themselves needing additional capacity or specialized knowledge to navigate a specific business or legal challenge. Croke Fairchild’s Outside General Counsel group partners with startups, portfolio companies, family offices, and even public companies as trusted advisors who craft practical legal solutions that meet business goals. Our outside general counsel group includes attorneys with several decades of collective experience working as in-house counsel for entities both large and small. Leaning on prior in-house experience, our attorneys have an in-depth understanding of business operations, and the effect legal issues have on operations.


Companies with concerns about risk. If you are not currently having your business transactions or practices reviewed by an attorney, you could be exposing your company to significant risk. As part of our general counsel services, we identify these risks and help you address them in a proactive manner.

Companies in growth mode. Your business is getting big enough that you need some level of permanent in-house counsel, but you may not quite be ready to hire full-time in-house counsel. Croke Fairchild’s outside general counsel services provide “right-size” support to fit your budget and timeline.

Companies facing higher volume or greater complexity — or both. Whether you require assistance with everyday corporate and transactional tasks or seek to bring a higher level of legal sophistication to your overall operations, we’re ready to connect you with cost-effective, high-caliber legal support whenever you need it.


Croke Fairchild provides general advice on a wide range of matters — large and small — to a variety of clients across industries. We work closely with client’s internal stakeholders to better understand their business and objectives, to pragmatically craft a proactive plan tailored to individual needs. We will consult with you to develop a plan that delivers the services you require, helping to keep your costs under control without sacrificing the skilled legal counsel your business needs, whether that involves providing occasional general counseling, negotiating project-specific contracts, guiding end-to-end development of significant transactions, or other legal matters.

CFDB has knowledge and experience with commercial contracts, intellectual property agreements, labor and employment issues, litigation, and numerous other practice areas. Our clients routinely use our Outside General Counsel group for legal work related to:

  • Company policies
  • Complex commercial transactions
  • Corporate governance
  • Data processing and intellectual property agreements
  • Labor and employment
  • Entity formation and structuring
  • General business counseling and succession planning
  • Non-Disclosure agreements
  • Partnership and cooperation agreements
  • Privacy policies and website terms
  • Service agreements
  • Commercial contracts drafting and review (e.g., manufacture and vendor agreements)
  • Real estate
  • Financing transactions